Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Characters

     So I started playing around with ideas for the characters themselves, and I've compiled a bit from here and there of what I have so far. Hopefully I can soon start with the colour stuff :)

     There's going to be four protagonists to this game. In battle you can control all four of them, however on the world map or in cities/towns/dungeons you can only control one of them (you can switch which one you can control by putting him/her as leader of the party). The protagonists are Khyta, Aeldra, Rukieta and Shohail. Their starter "Calling" (A job system which unlocks abilities and weapons depending what Calling they have selected) is "Jack-Of-All-Trades", meaning they can learn little bits from here and there, but are a master of none. By default (and how the characters are portrayed), Khyta is a "Knight", Aeldra is a "Cleric", Rukieta is a "Mimic", and Shohail is an "Assassin".

     Anyway, here's some initial concepts to the characters -

Rukieta Nieska Initial Concept

Shohail Kobi-E Initial Concept

Khyta Arcaciel Initial Concept

Aeldra Von Nyrvaín XII Initial Concept

     I then began playing with hairstyles for the characters, just to get a different feel for them.

      And with the new hairstyles I then started playing with construction. At first I drew them more boxy shaped with hard points, but I then decided that I wanted them to be softer, so I drew them using three different sized circles - a medium circle for the head, a small circle for the chest, and a big circle for the hips/mid-section.

(trying to get the hang of drawing their shapes)

And lastly...

(from left to right: Shohail, Rukieta, Aeldra & Khyta).

     Their faces will be refined during the process of more development, however for now I think I'll go and play with colour.... :)

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