Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Character Calling - Knight WIP

     So I thought I'd just do a quick little post, showing my WIP on the Knight Calling for my Final Major Project. (which is a concept for a 3DS fantasy RPG turn-based style game).
     The linework for the characters are on a separate layer, and I do a rough sketch on top of what I want the outfit to look like. It's scruffy, but it gives an idea of the final design. Afterwards, I up the stabilizer and go over the whole thing with the Ink Pen

     Well, this is where I am at the moment :D

(Rough, sketchy drawing)

(Neater linework done with the ink pen and the stabilizer)

(Silhouettes of characters with their thicker outerlines)

(Adding some colour now)

(Deciding the base colours. Now to go into the fine details)

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