Sunday, 30 March 2014

Ultimate Image

     So for Business Studies I need to make an Ultimate Image that encompasses what I do and who I am as an artist. I've already done my business card, my CV and Cover letter, and for the past few weeks I've been mucking around with ideas for an Ultimate Image - but nothing came to me. No matter what I did I just kept getting angry at my drawings and throwing them aside, or crumpling them up and just generally getting into a tiff about things. In the end, I decided to pull together some of my favourite drawings from this year and arrange them nicely into some sort of a triangle.
     A few weeks back I drew a design of myself, which was at one point going to be my Ultimate Image.
Here it is: -

     But I felt it was rather bland, and needed something else. So I kept the design, edited it slightly (removed the cat from my shoulder), and put it together with some designs I had done earlier in the year. Two of them were re-designs of older characters I had done in my spare time, and they were my Troll Shaman that I did for my first ever design project, and my Japanese Rapunzel, Mizuki, which was for my major project in first year. Around about November/Christmas time, I decided to re-design them both and give them an updated look. Here you can see them: -


     I also decided to include two of my own characters that I simply drew for fun. I really liked their designs and I thought if arranged in a nice way the picture might look good. So.......... after some sketches here and there, a few more screwed up pieces of paper, and a lot of crying, I came up with a design I liked (I just couldn't decide on colour)

I knew instantly that I didn't like all the colours... so I played around for a few hours changing hues, percentages, layer options, effects, yada, yada, yada...

And I finished with these 3 Designs, near on identical bar a subtle gradient overlayed onto the background characters. Personally I like it - I just can't decide which one to use.... Maybe I'll eni meni mini mo it.... 


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